What Does The Term ‘Licensed Carpenter' Mean? 

A Licensed Carpenter is a person who posesses' a ‘Certificate of Qualification' in the carpentry occupation. This ‘Certificate of Qualification' is a Government issued document from the Department of Labour and signifies that the holder of this certificate has achieved the required amount of education and training experience. Please refer to the following websites to confirm this information.

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada:

ITA (industry training authority):

Every carpenter who is issued a ‘Certificate of Qualification' also receives a license number in association with their certificate. This license number recognises every carpenter as a professional - eligible to practise in the province of his or her registration. These professionals who achieve a ‘Red Seal' along with their ‘Certificate of Qualification' are eligible to practise as a carpenter in any province or territory throughout Canada. The ‘Red Seal' is referred to as an ‘Inter-Provincial Standard' endorsement and a picture of it is listed below. Please refer to the following websites to confirm this information. 

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada:

The Inter-Provincial Standards Red Seal Program:

2 Honest Carpenter Ltd., our carpenters possess a ‘Certificate of Qualification' and can provide you with their Government issued ‘pocket identification card' upon arrival to your home. This identification card is your assurance that the carpenter has successfully fulfilled the necessary requirements to work on your home.