1) Do all carpenters possess a ‘Certificate of Qualification?

No. There are currently no government programs available that ensure all carpenters possess a ‘Certificate of Qualification'.

2) Can carpenters work in people's homes without a ‘Certificate of Qualification' (otherwise known as a Carpenter's License)?

Yes. It is the responsibility of the homeowner, to make absolutely sure, that the carpenter you hire possess' a Carpenter's License.

3) How do I find out if the carpenter I hired is Licensed?

Every Licensed Carpenter possess' a ‘pocket identification card' issued from the Government.

4) What is a ‘pocket identification card'?

A ‘pocket identification card' is a ‘Certificate of Qualification' card issued from the Government. Each card issued states the name of the holder, the occupation he or she if certified in, the date of issue, and a license number. The card is also signed by a Government Minister and if a ‘Red Seal' is associated with this card, it will be located on the back.

5) What if the carpenter I hire says they are a Licensed Carpenter,  but does not have their ‘pocket identification card'?

Every Licensed Carpenter carries their ‘pocket identification card' with them at all times - much the same as a driver's license. You may want to ask more questions.

6) Should I hire a carpenter who is not a Licensed Carpenter?

Would you let someone who does not possess a driver's license .... drive your car?