Gary McAuley


Gary realized at the young age, that his goal in life was to become a carpenter someday. While all the other kids were using their imagination with toys, Gary was using his with pieces of wood donated to him from local neighbourhood construction sites. This passion for carpentry later rewarded Gary with the ‘Brass Cannon' award for achieving top marks in the 'Carpentry & Construction' class, during his graduating year of High School.  Gary later went on college to take a 'Commerce ' program and then enrolled into the 'Business Administration' faculty at the University of New Brunswick.

After University, Gary's desire to pursue a career in carpentry finally began when he enrolled into the 'Carpentry Apprenticeship' program. Through long hours of work experience and an eagerness to achieve, he was able to complete the program in 3 years - 1 year earlier than the program's designated time frame. Immediately after graduating this apprenticeship program, Gary wrote for the Government's Carpentry Final Exam and received his ‘Inter-Provincial Government Trade Certification'. This is a 'Red Seal' Carpenter License recognized throughout Canada.

Since receiving his Carpentry License in 1993, Gary has worked as a carpenter foreman and supervisor in a variety of construction projects at the residential, commercial, and industrial levels. A satisfactory day to Gary consists of making sure the job has been done correctly and work-safe practices a daily priority. He has owned his own Home Renovation Company for the last 10 years and considers himself fortunate to have had the opportunity to help clients renovate and/or repair their homes.

Gary has enjoyed all the challenges and diverse work that the carpentry trade has provided for him over the years and looks forward to working with clients at 2 Honest Carpenter Ltd.