Company Profile

Are you looking to hire a carpenter? Did you know that there is an 'app' for that? It's called 2 Honest Carpenter Ltd.

2 Honest Carpenter is committed to providing clients with a variety of Home Improvements, Repairs, and Maintenance for their homes. We are located in Richmond, B.C. with clients located all over the Lower Mainland. The work ethics for 2 Honest Carpenter are straight forward - they are based solely on Knowledge, Experience, Trust, & Reliability.

As a Better Business Bureau member ( and a Richmond Chamber of Commerce member (, 2 Honest Carpenter takes pride in making sure that all jobs are done right the first time. All work is performed in accordance to Canadian Building Code Regulations and WorkSafe BC practices are a daily priority (# 670435-AA). We also have a 5 million dollar General Liability Insurance Policy we often forget to mention, because we've never needed to use it. Rest assured, 2 Honest Carpenter is dedicated to providing reliability from the first time we arrive at your home.

2 Honest Carpenter currently employs one licensed carpenter, Gary McAuley, who's knowledge and experience in the construction industry exceeds 20 years. Gary is proud to work with clients on a 'one-to-one' basis - to provide the best service available. It's a strong belief with 2 Honest Carpenter, that the work relationship we have with one client, is a direct reflection towards all our past and future ones. We have (and always will) relied on 'word of mouth' references for the most part of our work. 2 Honest Carpenter appreciates that clients can trust us enough to provide the same great service for their friends, relatives, and co-workers ..... that we had provided for them.

2 Honest Carpenter hopes that this website is helpful for any work projects you need done around your home and encourages you to complete the 'Online Request Form' located in the 'Contact Us' tab.


Thank You,

Gary McAuley

President of 2 Honest Carpenter Ltd.